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Refinancing Properly Can Give Peace of Mind and Ensure You’re Taking Care of Your Finances in the Smartest Way Possible. We Can Help.

...I was determined to refinance and found Green River through the internet—yes, I know, can you trust the internet? I've went through many refinancing and mortgaging and the process never easy for the fainted heart. You really have to know what you are doing and know your stuff. Green River came through with an awesome rate and stuck to their commitment at closing...I totally recommend Green River Capital! Thanks David and Anthony for your patience and understanding! - Theresa Nguyen

Refinance: Pay Off Debt Efficiently + Effectively.

Refinancing is the process of replacing your existing mortgage loan with a new one; the intention behind this action is to benefit the borrower in some way.

For example, a borrower may decide to refinance their home in order to: get a lower interest rate, consolidate high-interest credit card debt, borrow equity, or reduce the term of their loan.

While refinancing is often a money-saving tactic, it also comes with similar costs as an initial mortgage. That includes closing costs, title insurance, attorney fees, and others.

Benefits of Refinancing: Save Money, Build Equity, Consolidate

  • • Currently, interest rates on mortgages are at all-time lows. Many homeowners are choosing to refinance to take advantage of this great opportunity.
  • • As a borrower’s careers advances and they make more money, it can be easier to pay bills on time, increase their credit score, and become a lower-risk borrower to lenders. When this happens, they can access much lower rates, effectively saving hundreds of dollars a year, and thousands of dollars over the life of their loan.
  • • When all goes well, this positive cycle continues with achieving better credit scores with your refinanced loan.

You Might Want to Refinance if...

  • • You feel confident that this is the best route for you. The main risk in refinancing is ignorance. Unless you’re empowered with the right knowledge and options for your specific situation, you could potentially increase your interest rate in your efforts to reduce it. When you work with Green River Capital Corp, we’ll make sure that you take the best action for you—even if it’s to continue doing what you’re already doing.
  • • You want to lower your mortgage through rate + term. The rule of thumb for a rate and term refinance says if you're lowering your mortgage rate by at least 1%, it will make sense for you to refinance.
  • • You’ve chosen the right refinance loan for your situation. We offer HARP refinance, cash-out refinance, options for borrowers with bad credit, and rate & term mortgage.
  • • You owe more than your home is worth. In that case, please look at our HARP page.

By refinancing your existing loan, your finance charges may be higher over the life of the loan

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Give us a ring at (866) 407-4418 or Fill out an easy online application today

Contact Us Today

Give us a ring at (866) 407-4418 or Fill out an easy online application today